How A Tire Blowout Could Affect A Car Accident Claim Against You

Tire blowouts can come at unexpected times, causing serious injuries to pedestrians and other motorists alike. As a car owner, you are required by law to take care of your tires so as to prevent potential blowouts. If you have been involved in a car accident caused by damage to your tires, read on to learn when a tire blowout may or may not make you liable for injuries to others. Read More 

Health Care Providers: What You Should Know About Medicare And Medicaid Fraud Investigations

What should you do if you suspect (or know) that you and your health care business is under investigation for Medicare or Medicaid fraud? Proceed carefully, because your reputation, career, and freedom could all be at stake. Here's what you should know. A lot of effort is being put into fraud investigations. Medicare and Medicaid fraud are hot issues these days. The FBI says that health care fraud costs taxpayers billions of dollars every year and threatens the entire economy. Read More 

Is It Truly A Divorce Emergency? When You Should And Should Not Call Your Family Law Attorney

There's a saying that criminal lawyers defend bad people showing their best behavior, and family law attorneys defend good people showing their worst behavior. There's no doubt that cases involving divorce and custody cut to the heart of vital human relationships and cause emotions to roller coaster. Then the ride gets super nuts with the added risk and fear resulting from arguments over alimony and child support. The most normal, gentle people may begin to panic about the very different ways their future lives may look after a furious legal battle. Read More 

3 Tips To Help You Get Visitation Rights For Your Stepchild

As a step-parent going through a divorce can be extremely difficult when there is a stepchild involved. If you never legally adopted the child, then it will be difficult to get visitation rights, let alone custody over the child. This is done because the interests of the biological parents are put before the interests of any stepparent. However, there are a few tips you can use if you decide to file for visitation rights for your stepchild during a divorce. Read More 

What Happens To Your Credit Following A Divorce?

From the moment you get married, you go from being one person to being two. From credit cards to loans to utility bills, everything you put in your name is also in your spouse's name. The question looming on many couples' minds is: what happens to all the debt in your and your soon-to-be ex's name after the divorce is finalized? The Divorce Decree A divorce decree will be issued by the courts. Read More