Fighting For Child Custody: Why Assistance From A Lawyer Is Ideal

Do you want custody of your children because the other parent resides in an unpleasant environment? Although you may have good intentions, you must keep your children's feelings in mind and keep the custody dispute cordial. Find out below how a lawyer can help you fight for custody of your children with less stress, as well as how much you can expect to pay per hour.

How is Assistance from a Lawyer Helpful in a Child Custody Dispute?

The first thing your lawyer will do is speak to you to get an idea of if you have a genuine concern about your children's safety. He or she will make sure that bitterness does not play a role in the custody dispute. Sometimes heated arguments can lead to making poor choices, and taking custody of your children without cause will only harm them.

Your lawyer will also want to know why you consider the other party's home environment unpleasant. If your children are subjected to drug exposure or people with a bad character, you may have a strong argument for taking full custody. However, if the environment is unpleasant because it is dirty, the other parent should be given a chance to fix the problem before you get custody. Keep in mind that your children likely love the other parent just as much as you.

To prove that the other party's environment is not in the children's best interest, your lawyer will provide services that include:

  • Getting copies of your pay statements
  • Investigating the other party's criminal background
  • Gathering photograph's of your home environment
  • Determining how much money the other party makes
  • Speaking to witnesses about the other party's character

Before taking the child custody dispute case to court, your lawyer may try to settle it through mediation. If the other party agrees to mediation, the dispute can be worked out in a cordial manner and can lead to an earlier agreement than when going through court.

What is the Estimated Hourly Rate for a Legal Assistance?

You can expect to pay at least $75 per hour if your child custody dispute is not that complex. If the other party contests your custody dispute, you can pay as much as $500 an hour. For instance, the price will be higher if your lawyer has to hire a private investigator to verify your claims against the other party. Allow a child custody lawyer to help make the situation easier on all parties involved! For more information, speak to a lawyer like Robert J. Schmit.