Did You Fall In A Restaurant Bathroom And Get Hurt? What You Can Do Next

Going out for a delicious meal can turn into a stressful experience if you slip on water in the bathroom and sustain injuries as a result. After a trip to your family physician, you may starting wondering if you can file a legal claim against the restaurant in court to recoup doctor bills and get compensation for time you miss from work. Here are some actions to take if you make that decision.

Determine Whether You Can Still File a Lawsuit

Your injuries may keep you from getting up and walking around, and you might not think you're well enough to start the lawsuit process at this time. However, if you plan to file a suit, it is critical that you don't wait too long to do so. If you do, your state's statute of limitations for slip and fall accidents may have run out.

To determine whether a lawsuit is an option you still have, consult an attorney who specializes in slip and fall events. You might also be able to get information about your state's statute of limitations from your municipal court.

Detail Your Memories on Paper

Even if you have a great memory, it is unlikely that you will be able to remember every detail about what happened on the day you were injured. This is especially true if the lawsuit takes a long time to be resolved, which is not uncommon. The best way for you to feel confident that you are remembering all relevant information is to put a pen to paper and describe your accident on paper.

As you detail your memories on paper, remember to include information such as:

  • Which restaurant employees you spoke to
  • Whether there were cones or signs warning of wet surfaces
  • What the lighting in the restroom was like
  • Who called the ambulance (if applicable)
  • What time it was

This information will help you hold on to your memories of your fall, but it also serves another purpose. Your attorney will be able to read it and might notice some things that may help your case.

Have Your Attorney with You During Meetings or Conversations with Those Representing the Restaurant

The restaurant might want you to talk to their insurance adjuster or attorney to get your version of events or to offer you some kind of financial settlement. It is important that you have your attorney with you during any of these conversations and meetings so that you don't take a low offer or say something that may damage your case.

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