What Happens If You Don’t Realize You Were Injured In A Car Accident Until After The Fact?

You don't know exactly how you are going to react to a car accident until after you have been in one. In some cases, all parties involved are able to walk away, fully intact, while other car accident cases are more serious. Sometimes car accident injuries don't become apparent until hours, days, or weeks have passed, but that doesn't mean that a claim cannot still be made.

Documenting Injuries Sustained In A Car Accident  

The impact of a car accident can be jarring, causing the body to temporarily go into shock. Many people assume that they are free of serious injuries if they are able to get up and move around without experiencing pain after a car accident. As a precaution, it is best to schedule an appointment with your primary care physical as soon as you can or to make a visit to the local hospital's emergency room.

Regardless of whether or not you feel any pain or discomfort, it is vital to get medical documentation that details your physical condition after an auto accident. If you were in good health prior to the auto condition, any ailments that arise afterward can more easily be traced back to the source by using your medical records. Hairline fractures, concussions, internal trauma, and whiplash are a few examples of the kinds of medical issues that can arise only after some time has passed.

Contacting Insurance Companies

It is best to contact the insurance providers of both drivers involved in an auto collision so that everyone can be made aware of your medical status. Getting in touch with the insurance adjusters early on in the claims process will help you to back up your claims, but remember not to agree to a settlement until after consulting with an attorney. Medical issues from car accidents can result in the need for long-term medical care, so you don't want to settle until after you have the whole picture.

Consulting With An Attorney

After receiving medical treatment for your injury, consulting with an expert attorney will be the next step. Your lawyer can help you to receive a fair settlement amount or represent you in case your case must be litigated.

In addition to being compensated for your medical bills, your attorney will ensure that you are repaid for time that you missed from work as well as your pain and suffering. Car accident claims can be complicated to those who are inexperienced, but attorneys who work in this area of the law know what is needed to make a strong claim.