Corn Maze Injuries For Which The Property Owner Could Be Liable

A corn maze can be a source of family fun for people of all ages, but it can also be the scene of a serious accident that results in an injury to you or to a loved one. If someone in your family has been hurt while visiting a corn maze, your first topic to consider is whether the business or property owner may have played a role. While it's certainly true that your accident and injury could be entirely your doing, it's also possible that some negligence played a role. If you believe the latter to be true, consulting a personal injury attorney will help you understand your next steps.

Tripping On Rough Ground

The owner of the corn maze knows that many people will be walking through it daily, and thus has a responsibility to make the terrain navigable. While people can trip for any reason, it's possible that you tripped and hurt yourself because of the rough ground below your feet. For example, perhaps there was a large hole that was difficult to see, or maybe there was a drainage pipe that was partially uncovered and served as a tripping hazard. You may feel as though the property owner didn't alert you to these precarious underfoot issues, and thus played a role in your injury.

Wild Animal Attacks

Corn mazes are often located in rural areas, which means that a variety of wild animals may inhabit the space surrounding the maze — and occasionally venture into it. It's possible that you could get injured upon an encounter with a wild animal. For example, if you were to encounter a porcupine in the maze, it could stick you with several of its quills. You may feel that the corn maze owner did little to keep wild animals at bay or to warn people that wild animals may occasionally be in the area, thus suggesting some degree of negligence.

Machinery Injuries

There are typically tractors and other types of farm machinery that operate around corn mazes. While the operators will usually do their best to alert people to their presence, it's also possible that injuries can occur. For example, you could step out of the corn maze and directly into the path of a passing tractor, sustaining a serious injury. Your personal injury attorney would likely state that the tractor was traveling too closely to the corn maze, thus making the operator responsible for your injuries.