Did Excess Rural Road Gravel Cause Your Rollover? You May Need A Car Accident Lawyer

Rural roads can be frightening places to drive if the community does not keep them in proper shape. For example, you may flip over your car after the county let excess gravel sit on a road for too long. In this situation, you may need help proving that you have a real lawsuit on your hands. Doing so will require a car accident lawyer

Many Rollovers Tend to Occur on Rural Roads

Rollovers are very dangerous accidents that can happen for many different reasons. For example, your car may have a narrow wheelbase that makes it more top heavy. Even worse, you may ride on a rural road that has been poorly maintained. These roads are typically where you see a lot of poor maintenance and weak barrier protection, which is why so many rollovers occur in these areas.

But if you were driving too fast for the conditions and your car flipped, there may be little you can do to get financial help. However, if you were driving the proper speed limit but bad road conditions — like excess gravel — caused you to lose control and flip, you could have a lawsuit on your hands. Just make sure that you fully understand the complications of negligence and liability in these cases.

Liability Can Be Complex Here

If poor rural road maintenance triggered your rollover, you may be in a tough situation. For example, many governmental agencies are typically in charge of maintaining roads and keeping them operational. Unfortunately, you may be unable to sue some of these agencies, as the law often lets them claim immunity in lawsuits. However, negligence may be more complex and widespread.

For example, you may track down the person in the agency who did not take the proper steps to make your road safe. For example, they may have known about the excessive gravel that caused your rollover and did nothing to manage it. Tracking all of this information is often very tough to do on your own, and you may find it nearly impossible to gather all of the evidence that you need to fully prove your case.

So if you're in this tough situation and aren't sure where to turn, contact a car accident law attorney right away. These professionals can help you better understand your legal rights. They will also gather evidence for you and find a way to make your case stick. In this way, you can greatly increase your chance of getting the help that you need for your car accident.