Often Forgotten Costs To Include In A Wrongful Death Claim

When a loved one loses their life due to the negligence of someone else, you may have the right to file a wrongful death claim in court to recoup some of what has been lost. Punitive damages make up a big part of these claims, but there are also non-punitive damages as well, which makes it easy to forget certain costs. Here are a few often-forgotten costs to include in a wrongful death claim when you file with the help of a wrongful death attorney

Costs associated with certain medical care immediately after the incident 

Medical bills that were accumulated as a result of the incident that took your loved one's life should be included in a wrongful death claim, but that is not the part that is easy to forget. Do not forget to include costs associated with: 

  • Prescription medications and home care supplies 
  • Hospice services for your loved one in their final stages 
  • In-home care or aid provided by a professional
  • Ambulatory services after the accident occurred 
  • Psychological counseling or therapy 

Wages your deceased loved one lost before they passed away

During a wrongful death claim, your attorney will work with you to determine the loss of future compensation your relative would have provided for your family. These figures oftentimes make up the bulk of settlements in these cases. However, it is easy to forget that your loved one lost wages immediately after their injury and until they lost their life as well. For example, if your loved one suffered an injury after a car accident that left them unable to work for two months until they eventually lost their life, you could be entitled to the wages lost during that time frame. 

Pain and suffering your loved one experienced before they lost their life

There are several types of non-punitive damages in a wrongful death claim, such as the loss of companionship or the loss of a primary caregiver for your children. You may not be able to technically sue for your own pain and suffering in a wrongful death claim, but what you can include is the pain and suffering your loved one went through immediately after they were injured and until they passed away. For example, if your relative suffered major burns that eventually led to their death, they likely went through a lot of pain and suffering in the time between the onset of injury and their passing.