Hiring an Experienced Attorney to Handle Your Nursing Home Abuse Case

When you move your aging parents to a nursing home, you expect the staff there to take good care of them. You might never suspect any of the workers there would be capable of harming your parents.

However, when you begin to see signs of neglect or abuse, you want to find out what is going on and take immediate action to protect your parents. Your first step could be to hire an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer to investigate what is happening at the facility and file prompt legal action as needed.

Confirming Your Suspicions

The staff at the home may refuse you access to proof you need to show your parents are being abused. You may be unable to get their medical records, interview witnesses, or talk to the doctor about what happened to them. 

However, when you hire an attorney to investigate possible nursing home abuse, you gain a legal advocate who has the ability to access this potential proof of neglect and outright malice towards patients. Your lawyer can subpoena your parents' medical records, surveillance footage, eyewitness accounts, and interviews with the workers to find out if anyone, let alone your mom and dad, have been abused and to what extent. You, then, will have the proof you need to file a lawsuit or criminal charges against the nursing home executives and staff.

Filing Criminal Charges

Your lawyer can also help you file criminal charges if you have enough evidence to confirm nursing home abuse. You can take this proof the law enforcement and show your parents have been mistreated. You can ask law enforcement to file the appropriate charges to ensure the rightful parties are fired from their jobs, arrested, and never allowed to work at another healthcare facility again.

Filing a Lawsuit

Finally, you can have your lawyer file a lawsuit on behalf of you and your parents to seek financial damages for their nursing home abuse. They might be entitled to compensation under your state's personal injury laws. You can use these damages to pay for them to be moved to a better nursing home facility or hire someone to come to their home to take care of them each day.

A nursing home abuse lawyer can find out if your parents are being mistreated and abused in their nursing home facility. You can file criminal charges and file a lawsuit to seek damages for any abuse they suffered.