Why You Should Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer When A Neighbor’s Dog Bites Your Child

Nothing is more traumatizing for a parent than hearing the cry of their young one. Now, if they fall in the yard and bruise their knee, you have no reason to panic because the injury would heal in no time. However, if the reason for their desperate cries is because a neighbor's dog bit them, you have every reason to be concerned.

In fact, you should seek legal action against your neighbor lest the incident repeats itself in the future. Keep it here to learn why you should hire a personal injury lawyer when you decide to sue your neighbor.

1. Gather Evidence Irrefutable Evidence

If none of your family members has ever been bit by a dog, you wouldn't know the first thing to do when this happens to your child. Obviously, you'll need to rush them to the emergency room, however, you should also start gathering evidence as soon as possible so that you have enough proof of your child's pain and suffering. That's why you should contact a personal injury lawyer on your way to the hospital; the professional will guide you on the pieces of evidence you should gather for your case.

Aside from noting the eyewitnesses who saw the dog bite your child, your lawyer will also advise you to take photographic evidence of the injuries and collect all medical records at the hospital. Your legal counsel will use all this evidence to build a strong case against your neighbor.

2. Get Compensation for Your Child's Injuries

No matter how much the dog injured your child, your neighbor might attempt to downplay the incident so they can pay you as little money as possible. Alternatively, they might decide to use sympathy and care as compensation. To ensure this doesn't happen, you should hand over all conversations surrounding the dog bite incident to your lawyer.

Your legal counsel will spell out your terms of compensation and present your neighbor with the evidence to support your claim. This way, they won't try to offer you the short end of the stick and sweep the incident under the rug. Instead, your lawyer will be able to determine if your neighbor is willing to settle the case outside court or not.

3. Receive Legal Representation in Court

Should the dog owner refuse your terms, your lawyer can take the case to court and let a judge make a verdict. And you need not worry about navigating the complex legal system when you have a legal representative on your side. Your lawyer will be with you in every court proceeding, convincing the jury of your child's pain and your neighbor's negligence. This way, your child can get justice for the trauma they've suffered.

If your child gets bit by a neighbor's dog, don't think twice about pursuing legal action. Contact a personal injury lawyer in your area to learn more about achieving success with your case.