The Top Three Reasons To Hire An IRS Tax Problems Lawyer

Having tax-related issues can cause an incredible amount of stress in your life. If you've recently received notice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about the situation and are stressed, worried, and feeling uncertain about how to handle these issues, you need a lawyer that specializes in handling tax-related problems for clients. Attempting to handle this situation on your own with a lack of knowledge surrounding tax laws could cause you more harm than good, potentially leading to hefty fines and possibly even jail time. Rather than deal with such stress, reach out to a lawyer who can work with you to guide you through the situation. If you don't know whether it's worth hiring an attorney, check out the following three reasons to consult with one who handles IRS-related problems.

#1. You Currently Owe a Lot of Money to the IRS

Did you receive a bill from the IRS stating that you owe them a large sum of money? If so, you're probably wondering why and feeling stressed about how you will come up with the money they're requesting from you. It's possible to owe the IRS for various reasons, whether you've purposely or unintentionally filed incorrectly. No matter the situation, your best bet is to discuss the details with an attorney who works with clients experiencing IRS-related issues. Sometimes, it's as simple as working out a payment arrangement with the IRS to avoid additional fines and penalties. However, every situation is different, and only a lawyer can offer the specific type of professional legal advice you need.

#2. You've Failed to File a Tax Return for Several Years

Not everyone has extensive knowledge of the laws surrounding taxes and filing returns at the start of each year. If you haven't filed taxes in many years, the IRS would typically consider this tax evasion, otherwise known as not filing tax returns, to avoid paying taxes owed to the IRS. People found guilty of tax evasion often have to pay hefty fines and may end up spending time in jail or prison, which is why you need to speak with a lawyer about the situation immediately.

#3. You've Made Mistakes During the Filing Process That Have Caused You to Receive More Money Than You Should've

People can make mistakes when filing tax returns, especially if they don't go to a reputable accountant or attempt to file themselves without knowing how to do so. If you've made multiple mistakes, you may have received the money you weren't entitled to and are now being audited while dealing with the possibility of facing legal and financial issues with the IRS. Hiring an attorney can give you the support you need and help you discover the best steps to mend the situation.

An IRS tax problems lawyer can help you guide you through IRS-related issues. If you're dealing with trouble regarding the IRS and possible allegations, hiring a legal professional to represent you is in your best interest. For more information, contact a company like IRS Trouble Solvers, LLC.