How DUI Accident Claims Differs From DUI Criminal Cases

Don't assume you understand a DUI (driving under the influence) accident claim because you have prior experience with DUI criminal cases. DUI accident claims differ considerably from DUI criminal cases. Below are some ways the accident claims differ from the criminal process. You Must Prove Harm You must prove that the defendant caused you harm to pursue an injury case against them. This proof is one of the elements of a personal injury case, which alleges that: Read More 

How To Find The Best Personal Injury Attorney For Your Particular Case

When you are searching for a personal injury attorney, it might be tempting to pick the first one you see off the list. After all, since they are ranked so high on the search listing, it must mean they are the best lawyers you can find, right? That isn't always the case. While they may be very good attorneys, they may not be the right ones for your particular case. Here are some tips on how to find the best personal injury attorney for your particular case. Read More 

What To Know About Working With A Guardianship Attorney

Guardianship issues can be very complex, and hiring a lawyer specializing in this legal area is vital. You want to find a professional who can help you navigate complicated matters and knows the laws regarding guardianship well. There are many situations where the issue of guardianship may arise, and you want to ensure that you have the right legal help in your corner. Here's what to know about working with a guardianship attorney. Read More 

How A Divorce Mediator Can Help During A Gray Divorce

Even though your marriage has lasted a long time, you might feel like you can no longer move forward with your spouse. You might feel like it is better to make a clean break, also known as a "gray divorce." This type of divorce occurs later in life. If you are older and your children have grown up and moved out, you might find it easier to do so with the help of a divorce mediator. Read More 

3 Situations Where Freelancers May Require A Legal Drafting Service

Document drafting services serve many roles for many different clients, but they're useful for far more than just large businesses. In fact, smaller businesses, contractors, and freelancers can often benefit from their services. In many cases, the cost of hiring a professional drafting service to craft legal documents is far less than the cost of potential legal complications. If you operate a small freelancing business, it's worth considering hiring a professional service whenever you need legal documents. Read More