Learn What To Expect If You Get Into An Accident Without Proper Insurance Coverage

Car insurance can be quite expensive, but in many jurisdictions, it is a requirement. If you get into an accident without car insurance, your life will quickly become much more difficult. Below is a guide for learning what to expect if you get into an accident while you are uninsured.

Forced to Pay Fines

There are penalties and fines associated with driving without insurance. The amount you pay in fines may vary based on the amount of time you have gone without insurance coverage. A judge will assess your situation and assign the penalties he or she feels best suits the crime you committed.

Lose Driver's License

Many judges will take away your license if you drive without insurance, especially if you are a repeat offender. If you need to get to and from work, being able to drive is important. A traffic attorney will be able to fight for you to get a restricted license that gives you access to drive to and from your work. This allows you to still make an income, even though you will not have the freedom you did before you were caught without insurance.

Pay Higher Insurance Rates

When you do sign up to get insurance coverage, your rates will be much higher than they would have been if you had insurance the entire time. The higher costs are associated with the fact that the company will look at you as a risky investment. They know that you get into accidents and that you are not responsible enough to keep insurance coverage on your car. You may have to pay for the entire policy when you sign up for the account, rather than being able to make small manageable payments over an extended period of time.

Pay for Damages out of Pocket

Whatever damages you cause when you get into the accident, you will have to pay for out of your own pocket. There are some jurisdictions that view the uninsured driver at fault for an accident, no matter what events occurred. This is because they assume that if the uninsured driver were not on the road to begin with, the accident would not have occurred. You will have to pay for the other driver's medical bills, vehicle damage, and your vehicle damage.

If you are involved in an accident without proper insurance coverage, hire a traffic attorney (such as one from Williams Heinl Moody & Buschman, P.C.) right away. He or she will help you learn what your options are and help you to get the least punishment that you possibly can for your mistake.