Financial Stress When Going Through A Divorce: How A Lawyer Can Help You Recieve Alimony

Are you worried because you have depended on your spouse financially for years and now going through a divorce? There is nothing to be afraid of because a divorce lawyer can help you get alimony payments until you are able to take care of yourself financially. Below, find out what you need to know about alimony when going through a divorce.

What Can a Divorce Lawyer Do to Help Someone Receive Alimony?

The marital situation that led to you and your spouse filing for a divorce will be assessed by the divorce lawyer before he or she can determine if you qualify for alimony. It is important that you were not committing an affair during the marriage because it can disqualify you from receiving alimony payments. Make sure that you tell the lawyer any wrongs that you committed against your spouse so he or she can properly prepare your argument for alimony in case your spouse tries to contest it in court.

A divorce lawyer will also assist with proving you deserve alimony by proving to the court that you are accustomed to living a certain type of lifestyle. You have the right to maintain your living standards when going through a divorce, especially if you have lived that way for a long time. If you have not been in the marriage that long, it is possible that the laws in your state will prevent you from being able to receive alimony.

How Much Alimony Can Be Received from a Spouse?

The amount of alimony you will receive will depend on how much is allowed by law. Each different state has their own set of regulations in regards to alimony. You can expect to receive a certain percentage of your spouse's income, or an amount that is the maximum as per the laws in your state. If you are receiving child support payments from your spouse, it can have an effect on what you receive in alimony. However, you can still receive both child support and alimony because they are for specific needs.

If the judge approves your case for alimony, you can begin receiving the payments before the divorce is even final but they may be adjusted later. The payments will come on a weekly or monthly basis until you can get a job or remarry. A divorce lawyer will make sure you are set financially so you can go through your divorce without the stress of suddenly having to get a job.

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