5 Advantages Of Private Adoption

When it comes to adoption, adoptive parents typically have the choice of either working with an adoption agency or facilitating a private adoption with the help of an adoption attorney. Working with an adoption agency may be best for some people, while others prefer the process of a private adoption. Some of the advantages of a private adoption include:

Typically a Faster Process

Adoption agencies may facilitate both domestic and international adoptions, and the timeline for adoptive parents to bring their child home can be long. A private adoption tends to be faster,  because adoptive parents are directly matched with an expectant mother who plans to turn over her baby as soon as she or he is born. 

Easier to Adopt an Infant

While children of all ages deserved to be loved and have a family, some adoptive parents really want the opportunity to raise a baby from a young age. If you feel this way, it is typically easier to adopt a baby through private adoption since most private adoptions involve expectant mothers who plan to surrender a baby after birth. Adoption agencies can facilitate the adoption of babies, but they are also responsible for finding families for older children as well.

Personalized Service

When you work directly with an adoption attorney, you tend to have more personalized service. Adoption agencies may have dozens of staff members, which can make it difficult to get in touch with the right person or have your questions answered. On the other hand, adoption attorneys  can usually be contacted directly and are available to answer any questions you may have.

Opportunity to Meet the Birth Mother

It is not common to meet the birth mother when going through the international adoption process with an adoption agency , as many children are orphans. Even with domestic adoptions facilitated by adoption agencies it can be difficult to meet the birth mother or learn more about a child's biological family. With a private adoption, you will most likely get to spend time with the expectant mother during her pregnancy if you would like, which will give you a chance to get to know her and learn about the family health history.

Knowledge of Adoption Laws

Most states have extensive laws regarding adoption, and working with an adoption attorney during a private adoption process will ensure that every law is followed. You can count on your attorney to draw up the proper paperwork for both you and the expectant mother, and also file all documents to make the adoption official. Many adoption attorneys will also take care of getting in contact with the biological father and getting the proper consent for the adoption to proceed.