The Importance Of Honesty On Your Divorce Documents

When you divorce your spouse, you can expect to complete a lot of paperwork detailing your marriage and its dissolution. The documents must be filled out accurately and honestly. Being honest in your divorce documents is just as important as being honest when you are in court. If you are not honest on your divorce documents, you can face some serious repercussions. Here are some things that could happen:

The Judge Will Lecture You on Honesty

The best thing that can happen if you are intentionally dishonest with your divorce document is a stern talk from the judge regarding your level of honestly. The judge is not going to be happy if you are found to be lying on your divorce documents. If you have a certain reputation in your area or if you do not want to face an embarrassing situation in a courtroom of people, it is best to be honest on your paperwork.

You Divorce Could Take Longer

Another thing that can happen is your divorce will take longer to be finalized. The longer the divorced, the more time and money you will have to spend. You could have to start the process over completely, depending on the level of deceit in your documentation. If you lied in your documents and the alimony and child support had already been set, that process may have to start over again as well, meaning those amounts could change to your disadvantage.

Because the extra time and money spent on your divorce is due to your dishonesty, the judge may also order you to pay your spouse's extra legal fees as part of your punishment.

You Can Be Found in Contempt of Court

When you are dishonest on your court documents, it is akin to lying in court. You take an oath to tell the truth in court, and you face contempt of court if you commit perjury. This could result in fines and time in jail. The same thing can happen when you lie on your documentation.

Several factors are considered before you are found in contempt of court. The judge will look at the severity of your dishonesty and how it impacts your divorce case. The demeanor of the judge will also be a determining factor. You may get a really strict judge who has no patience for dishonesty, resulting in a contempt of court charge for you. On the other hand, you could get a more lenient judge who only gives you a warning. The best bet to avoid any issues is to be truthful at all times during your divorce.

For more information, reach out to a local divorce attorney.