Three Ways to Increase Your Chances of Having Your SSDI Application Approved

Many people who apply for social security disability benefits have their applications denied, even though they truly are deserving of the benefits they are applying for. If you are denied, you can reapply, but this is still a waste of time and means you will have to go longer without the benefits to which you are entitled. So, what can you do to increase the chances of your SSDI claim being approved the first time? Here are three steps you can take.

Submit a Full Medical History

In many cases, the application paperwork will only ask for medical history related to your claim. However, if those reviewing your claim have any questions about your medical history that do not happen to be answered in the information you give them, they may deny your claim. A safer choice is to provide a full medical history with your paperwork, even though one is not requested. In this history, include the names and contact information for each doctor you have worked with throughout your treatment process. This way, if the reviewers have questions, they can contact the doctor rather than just rejecting your application. 

Be Honest

It can be tempting to stretch the truth a little to make your situation seem more dire or to make it more obvious that you need SSDI benefits. But in attempting to make your case more convincing, you may actually get your application rejected. If there is any hint of dishonesty, no matter how small, the reviewing team will probably deny your claim as they cannot be confident the rest of your statements are true. Being completely honest when filling out applications is always the safest bet.

Have a Lawyer Look It Over 

Hire a social security disability lawyer to look over your application before you submit it. They can make sure you have not left out any important information or phrased anything in a manner that is confusing. They can also mail in your application. The review team may pay closer attention to paperwork submitted by a lawyer. Most lawyers will bill by the hour for small services like this, and it should only take a few hours. If your application is ultimately denied, the lawyer who helped you prepare the application can more easily help you re-apply, too.

If you follow the tips above, you increase your chances of having your SSDI application approved the first time, which saves everyone a lot of headaches and hassle.