Reasons Why Fighting Drunk Driving Charges Without Professional Legal Representation Is A Bad Idea

Driving while intoxicated can make you face serious consequences even if it doesn't result in a collision. If the law enforcers stop you on suspicion of drunk driving, you need to contact a lawyer immediately. They understand various defense tactics which may help you get a lenient judgment or an acquittal. However, you risk getting a severe punishment if you handle the case alone since you lack the required skills to fight such a case. Take a look at more reasons why you shouldn't take on this legal journey alone.  

The Case Might Be More Serious Than You Thought

Even a case that seems like a minor offense during an arrest can become complicated after the police undertake investigations. Therefore, it's paramount to seek professional legal help when law enforcers arrest you. A DUI attorney can help you resolve the issue before it becomes complicated. For example, they can challenge illegalities the arresting officers may have committed during the arrest. Usually, they will want to do this before the police find evidence that could strengthen their case. 

Additionally, your legal advisor will find any other information they can use to poke holes in the evidence the police intend to use against you. For instance, they will determine if the arresting officer used correctly functioning testing equipment. Besides that, your attorney will confirm whether the arresting officers followed the law when administering sobriety tests. If there were illegalities, your attorney has ground to challenge the allegations leveled against you. It can be an excellent ground to request the judge for a reduced sentence. 

You Could Do or Say Something Implicating 

The law enforcers will do everything possible to make you admit that you were drunk driving. For example, they might threaten to take legal action against you if you don't admit to committing the crime. Besides, they might ask you to take tests to find out whether you can drive. 

Accepting to take the tests or answering the questions the police ask without consulting your lawyer is a big mistake. It puts you at risk of doing or saying something that could worsen the case. So hiring an attorney is advisable since they will guide you when answering questions. Besides that, they will recommend the tests to take and those to avoid.

As you can see, representing yourself in your drunk driving case is a recipe for failure. Therefore, it is prudent to hire a drunk driving attorney to advise and guide you through the legal process.

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