Why Hire A Divorce Lawyer For Your High Asset Annulment

Even though they happen when they're long overdue, divorces are still quite emotionally challenging, even more so when you have to split high-value assets among yourselves. And it doesn't matter how long you were married to your spouse, losing the person you thought you would spend the rest of your life with is bound to feel like someone is ripping your heart out of your chest. So, during such a trying time, it only makes sense to get all the help you can get to make the transition as painless and drama-free as possible. So why not hire a divorce lawyer for your high asset annulment? Continue reading to learn how your attorney will make the assets split easy on you and your spouse.

Organize Asset Documents

Before you and your spouse can slip the wealth you accumulate during the marriage, you need to organize asset documents to establish how much was accumulated during your union. You're going to need the professional intervention of an attorney during this period of the annulment because doing it with a clouded memory could cost you a huge chunk of your shares in the business. The attorney will be thorough to ensure you receive your fair share of assets, so you have sufficient funds to move on after the marriage is officially dissolved.

Secure Non-Matrimonial Assets

Aside from establishing how much you should receive from the accumulated wealth, your attorney will also single out assets in your name that do not count as matrimonial wealth, so you don't have to split fortunes that are wholesomely yours. And in case the documents to your on-matrimonial assets aren't in your possession, your legal representative will help you find them.

After living in the same residence with your spouse for years, it's quite easy not to worry about where your asset documents are. However, when you decide to dissolve the marriage, you should have all the documents you need to claim ownership of your business. Whether the documents are in your spouse's possession or at a residence to which you cannot gain access, your attorney will figure out how to get them to you.

Dissolves Your Joint Pension Account

A joint pension account is a more complex asset because, at the time the account was being opened, the assumption was that you and your spouse would age together. But due to this unforeseen eventuality, it's crucial to dissolve the pension account so that both parties can continue accruing retirement benefits separately. Your attorney will handle the legal nitty-gritty to ensure you don't have to deal with the complexities of bank administration.

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