were your injuries someone's fault? what you should do now

Understanding A Few Facts About Patent Infringement

If you have a product and have gone through the trouble of having it patented, then you may keep an eye on similar products when they pop on the market. And, if you feel that one of these products has violated your patent, then you do have the option of suing the individual for patent infringement. There are a few things you should understand about patent litigation before you contact a lawyer. Read More 

Defenses And Penalties For Not Filing Your Tax Return

You may worry about the IRS coming after you if you haven't filed your federal income tax returns for years. Even if you are already on the IRS's radar and they claim that you owe money, a tax attorney can help you with your case. Here are some legal defenses to not filing your taxes as well as what will most likely happen if the IRS determines that you owe them back taxes. Read More 

What To Do If You’ve Been Wrongfully Terminated From A Job

Wrongful termination is one of the most upsetting things that can happen in the course of a career. Making it worse is the fact many employers assume they can hire and fire people without consequences, even for blatantly illegal reasons. If you're wondering what to do next, take note of these three things you should address. Do Not Retaliate Picking a fight may feel emotionally satisfying, but it's not going to win you any legal points. Read More 

Corn Maze Injuries For Which The Property Owner Could Be Liable

A corn maze can be a source of family fun for people of all ages, but it can also be the scene of a serious accident that results in an injury to you or to a loved one. If someone in your family has been hurt while visiting a corn maze, your first topic to consider is whether the business or property owner may have played a role. While it's certainly true that your accident and injury could be entirely your doing, it's also possible that some negligence played a role. Read More 

Potential Probate Problems To Be Prepared For

Many people assume that, as long as there is a will in place, there will be absolutely no issues with the distribution of an estate and settlement of the deceased's affairs. However, this is not always the case. There are many reasons why there could still be some conflict that could delay the settlement of the estate. Here are some potential sources of conflict and tips to address those issues if they arise. Read More