Did You Fall In A Restaurant Bathroom And Get Hurt? What You Can Do Next

Going out for a delicious meal can turn into a stressful experience if you slip on water in the bathroom and sustain injuries as a result. After a trip to your family physician, you may starting wondering if you can file a legal claim against the restaurant in court to recoup doctor bills and get compensation for time you miss from work. Here are some actions to take if you make that decision. Read More 

Will Dependents Still Get Social Security Benefits If The Primary Recipient Is Incarcerated?

Landing in jail can have a negative impact on person's life. Case in point, the Social Security Administration will cut off payments to anyone who's incarcerated, regardless of whether that person receives Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or payments. Whether the person's family members are affected by the individual's incarceration depends on the person's payment status before he or she was put in jail. Here's more information about this issue. Read More 

5 Advantages Of Private Adoption

When it comes to adoption, adoptive parents typically have the choice of either working with an adoption agency or facilitating a private adoption with the help of an adoption attorney. Working with an adoption agency may be best for some people, while others prefer the process of a private adoption. Some of the advantages of a private adoption include: Typically a Faster Process Adoption agencies may facilitate both domestic and international adoptions, and the timeline for adoptive parents to bring their child home can be long. Read More 

About To Be Married? Consider Taking Your Nikah Contract To An Attorney First

Islamic marriages impose both social and legal responsibilities on a couple. This is evident from the very beginnings of a marriage, during which the nikah contract is negotiated and signed. However, in many cases, the families of the bride and groom actually negotiate the nikah contract according to traditions within their social group, rather than thinking ahead to its enforceability under U.S. law. Here is what you should know. You need to get an official marriage license. Read More