Gray Area: Why Divorce Happens in Your Golden Years

In most people's minds, if you can make it to your later years and are still hanging in there, you are probably safe from the issue of divorce, but this is not necessarily true. Older people have some of the same issues going on in their lives that people of all ages do, of course, but they also face challenges unique to their age group. Read on to learn about four common issues faced by older couples that could lead to divorce. Read More 

What Factors Affect How Much Your Business Will Pay for Payroll Services?

There are many benefits to using a payroll service to handle your business payroll needs. The payroll company will issue the checks or do direct deposit for your employees while also taking out the appropriate amount for taxes, health insurance and other expenses. For small to mid-sized businesses, there is often not enough work involving payroll to justify hiring a full or part-time employee just to complete this task. However, you may not have the time or knowledge to complete these tasks on your own. Read More 

Don’t Stand For Trial: Getting Damages Without A Trial

Few people fail to automatically assume that suing an at-fault party is the only way to be compensated for their injuries. There are, in fact, at least two other ways that don't require anyone to set foot in a courtroom. If you can avoid that, you can also avoid spending a lot of unnecessary time and money getting what you want from the at-fault party. To find out about a few ways to ensure that you get damages without going to trial, read on. Read More 

Three Tips To Divorcing A Spouse When You Cannot Locate Him Or Her

If you want to divorce your spouse but cannot locate him or her, there are certain steps you can take to get a divorce. The following are three things to consider. Use an online location service There are several companies that provide a service for locating people. They have access to large databases and can locate people across the nation. This type of service can find people who are not hiding and have some of their information listed in public records. Read More 

3 Advantages Of Having A Trust

When it comes to estate planning purposes, you can use either a will or a trust to determine how your assets are dispersed after your death. Which one you choose will depend on your personal financial situation, but many people decide to have a lawyer create a trust for several different reasons. Some of the main advantages of a trust include: Avoid Probate When a person has a will, his or her estate will need to go through probate. Read More