How A Divorce Mediator Can Help During A Gray Divorce

Even though your marriage has lasted a long time, you might feel like you can no longer move forward with your spouse. You might feel like it is better to make a clean break, also known as a "gray divorce." This type of divorce occurs later in life. If you are older and your children have grown up and moved out, you might find it easier to do so with the help of a divorce mediator. Read More 

3 Situations Where Freelancers May Require A Legal Drafting Service

Document drafting services serve many roles for many different clients, but they're useful for far more than just large businesses. In fact, smaller businesses, contractors, and freelancers can often benefit from their services. In many cases, the cost of hiring a professional drafting service to craft legal documents is far less than the cost of potential legal complications. If you operate a small freelancing business, it's worth considering hiring a professional service whenever you need legal documents. Read More 

The Top Three Reasons To Hire An IRS Tax Problems Lawyer

Having tax-related issues can cause an incredible amount of stress in your life. If you've recently received notice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) about the situation and are stressed, worried, and feeling uncertain about how to handle these issues, you need a lawyer that specializes in handling tax-related problems for clients. Attempting to handle this situation on your own with a lack of knowledge surrounding tax laws could cause you more harm than good, potentially leading to hefty fines and possibly even jail time. Read More 

Will The Biological Evidence Stand In Your DUI Case?

An arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) will include some sort of biological findings to prove that the subject was too intoxicated to drive. However, like all forms of DUI evidence, biological findings are a tricky area for the state to navigate successfully. Read below to find out more about these common DUI biological tests and how they can be invalid. DUI Evidence in General Many have seen law enforcement having suspects perform roadside sobriety testing. Read More 

3 Reasons To Consult An Attorney Regarding Transactions With Your Fine Art

Whether you are an art collector, an art investor, or a little of both, you want to make sure that you understand all the legal ramifications of the piece of art you are purchasing or selling. To this end, there are lawyers who have experience in this area of law concerning various forms of art, such as paintings and sculptures. The following are a few things that this type of lawyer can do for you. Read More