3 Ways To Get Over A Bad Marriage Emotionally

Starting over after going through a traumatic situation can be difficult, especially if you are still emotionally damaged. For instance, if you went through an abusive marriage and finally found the strength to get out of it, it can still affect your life. If you have found that it is hard to emotionally move on after being divorced for a while, making changes in your life might push things on the right track. Read More 

5 Common Legal Mistakes That Could Destroy Your Small Business

If you are a small business just starting out, there are a lot of legal issues you must consider, and unless you have a law degree in business law, you probably don't know everything. If you want to protect your business from legal problems, check out these five common legal mistakes that could destroy your small business. Choosing the Wrong Business Structure One of the most important things to consider when forming a business is the structure. Read More 

After An Injury: How To Write A Demand Letter

After you are injured due to negligence, the first step you and your attorney do will be to pen a demand letter. This is a letter that will include all the information regarding your case such as damages, income loss, and injuries. The following are the different parts of a demand letter: Determining Liability The first thing to do is describe the accident. Talk about what happened in the accident, what led up to it, and what you were doing when you were injured. Read More 

Gray Area: Why Divorce Happens in Your Golden Years

In most people's minds, if you can make it to your later years and are still hanging in there, you are probably safe from the issue of divorce, but this is not necessarily true. Older people have some of the same issues going on in their lives that people of all ages do, of course, but they also face challenges unique to their age group. Read on to learn about four common issues faced by older couples that could lead to divorce. Read More 

What Factors Affect How Much Your Business Will Pay for Payroll Services?

There are many benefits to using a payroll service to handle your business payroll needs. The payroll company will issue the checks or do direct deposit for your employees while also taking out the appropriate amount for taxes, health insurance and other expenses. For small to mid-sized businesses, there is often not enough work involving payroll to justify hiring a full or part-time employee just to complete this task. However, you may not have the time or knowledge to complete these tasks on your own. Read More