3 Things That Could Complicate Your Car Accident Case And How A Lawyer Will Help

Being involved in a car accident can turn your life upside down. Depending on how serious the accident was, you will have physical injuries, medical fees, and damages to property to deal with. However, all these are damages that you will be compensated for as long as you have insurance. Some states have a no-fault insurance system where your own insurance company pays you for the injuries and damages, regardless of whether you were liable for the accident or not. Read More 

3 Circumstances In Which You Can Sue Your Landlord

When you enter into a landlord-tenant relationship with a rental property owner, you never imagine that some conflicts may arise. When the dispute arises, you probably do your best to de-escalate it because you want to co-exist peacefully with them and your neighbors. However, as peace-loving as you might be, there are some situations where all the diplomatic methods you know to handle problems fail. If a situation threatens your security, your peace of mind, and your property's condition, you are allowed to get legal help for the problem. Read More 

Dealing With Custody: Is 5050 Parenting The Right Choice?

Divorcing parents are understandably wary about how divorce will affect the children. To that end, matters that relate to child custody, visitation, and support must be carefully thought-out before a parenting plan is executed. Parents have an array of custody models from which to choose. Take a closer look at one popular choice, 50/50 parenting. A Word About Custody Types There are two main forms of custody: legal and physical. In most cases, both parents are automatically awarded legal custody of the child. Read More 

How To Write A Purchase Offer For A Home That Fully Protects Yourself

Buying a house is something that real estate agents assist with every day. You can hire an agent to help you find a home to buy, but you might also want to hire a real estate attorney. Hiring an attorney is optional when purchasing a house, so many people choose not to hire one. Hiring one is a smart move, though, as an attorney can help you in many ways. One of the leading ways a real estate attorney can help is by assisting you with writing a purchase offer that fully protects yourself. Read More 

Tips For Getting Life Sentencing Consulting

Life goes on no matter what circumstances cross your path. Even if you have to serve a long prison sentence, you should be seeking the services that will help you make the most of your life. Professionals that offer life sentence consulting can help get you ready for the environment you'll live in once you start serving your time. Here is what you should know about prepping yourself for prison through the help of some life sentence consulting pros. Read More